The Film Association of Malawi-(FAMA) has hailed the Copyright Society of Malawi-(COSOMA) for being proactive in sensitizing artists in the country.

This follows information sharing meetings the body has been hosting recently aimed at civic educating stakeholders especially copyright holders including FAMA.

In an interview at the end of the Lilongwe session, FAMA president, Gift Sukez Sukali said the training was an eye opener as many members did not know COSOMA and its functions.

“These sessions are important because FAMA members now understand the work of the copyright body. FAMA members are also going to be able to register their works and interpret copyright issues related to their talent,” explained Sukali.

Among other topics, the training focused on collective management, Blank Media Levy, general principles of copyright, documentation and distribution.

COSOMA Head of Distribution, Shadrick Kumtengo, said the meeting was part of the sensitization program for all artists in the film making sector.

“The programs are for different rightsholders. In the current financial year, the society planned for these for music, films and author of books sectors,” he explained.

He added that while the sensitization focused on different functions under COSOMA, the Blank Media Levy was the center of focus.

“The film category has only one distribution which is blank media levy also called Private Copy Levy. We had to take much time on this for the benefit of the members because it is different with other categories like music and books which have more distributions,” he said.

The training attracted 48 members of FAMA from Lilongwe.

This was the second session after Blantyre in December 2021 with the last episode scheduled for Mzuzu in mid-February.

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